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 Alza InFiniTE Concept

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Lesen L
Lesen L

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Alza InFiniTE Concept Empty
PostSubject: Alza InFiniTE Concept   Alza InFiniTE Concept Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 12:50 pm

Alza InFiniTE Concept 5240640086_eaaef67111

InFiniTE concept

* Recognition Of Perodua Alza as a sporty and stylish compact MPV with unlimited design potential.
* Complementary to trendy lifestyles through stylish characters combined with stunning entertaining features.

Perodua Alza has an opportunity that has yet to be explored in the younger generation's market. With this callenge, our team has ventured out of the 'box' and arrived with a sence of trendiness for an MPV. Perodua Alza 'Infinite' aims to transcend convertional boundaries to creat a vehicle appealing to Generation-Y.

Featured in matte white with an exterior design that is both distinctive and functional, this concept would elevate the image of an MPV. It would be an MPV for those looking for a more enjoyable way of life, all year round. The Interior is both sporty and luxurious in its finest. It operates with high-technology gadgets and touch screen panels for intuitive and enjoyable driving.

* Aerodynamic design with sporty and robust styling
* Bold and dynamic bumper design broaden body's profile
* Lightweight 18" alloy rims highlight body's profile
* Panaromic roof enhances the sense of space
* LED headlamps, tail lights and 3rd breake light for better visibility
* Xenon HID headlamps and fog lamps for for greater luminosity
* Dual exhaust tips enhances the sporty rear

* 4 sporty yet slender identical bucket seats for exceptional comfort
* Floating centre console lowers centre of gravity
* Touch screen panel for easier control
* Multi-functional steering wheel with start button for responsive handling
* Black Alcantara suede complements the sporty finishing

* Upgraded sound system with 12 speakers and a 12-inchi subwoofer
* 2-DIN touch screen audio with integrated GPS and reverse camera
* 3 LCD monitor screens for anjoyable viewing pleasure
* Sports-tuned, adjustable suspension for better handling
* Performance intake system for better acceleration

For more info of the Alza Infinite, or interested to make your Alza looks like this, kindly call 010 279 8012 (Baharin). visit or join us in Facebook. just type SD Aerodynamics.
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Lesen P
Lesen P

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PostSubject: Re: Alza InFiniTE Concept   Alza InFiniTE Concept Icon_minitimeWed Feb 16, 2011 3:45 pm

setakat ni tak pernah nmpk org bikin sebegini...mahal sgt kot dan alza masing2 masih baru x sanggup nak modi keter lagik...kena tunggu 2015 baru murah ni...hehehe
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Lesen L
Lesen L

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Alza InFiniTE Concept Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alza InFiniTE Concept   Alza InFiniTE Concept Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 8:32 pm

Bro, dorg invest close to 100k to get this Alza to be tu la, bujet bukanla infinity...byk woo ekk!!! affraid
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PostSubject: Re: Alza InFiniTE Concept   Alza InFiniTE Concept Icon_minitime

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Alza InFiniTE Concept
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